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Commercialization of Organic Nano-Cube (ONC) Porous Materials

PanaceaNano developed a family of porous, crystalline nano-materials that can absorb and store guest compounds with more than 1000x greater storage capacity than the best available technology. These sponge-like nano-materials are composed of hollow molecular cubes that are bonded together into functionally-organized, complex crystalline structures. Each individual hollow organic nano-cube (ONC) has the ability to absorb and host different compounds within its own internal space. However, since the organic nano-cubes are also compactly joined and interconnected into extended crystal frameworks, they will have a much larger capacity to host guest ingredients.


Organic Nano-Cube crystals can be visualized as being made up of molecular storage containers, each tens of thousands times smaller than the thickness of human hair, that are orderly stacked on top of each other to maximize storage space. The figure below illustrates how raw ONC powders are composed of many tiny crystals, each constructed out of organic nano-cube building blocks.


PanaceaNano designs and optimizates this crystalline network of organic nano-cubes for different applications. We offer several ONC platforms that absorb and encapsulate the desired ingredients to enhance specific products in five main industries: CosmeticsChemical & PetrochemicalHome & Personal CareFood & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical.


ONC porous powders are biodegradable and economically manufactured from environmentally safe, abundant, and 100% renewable materials.


Read more about the technology behind PanaceaNano's ONC platform materials >>

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