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Food & Beverage

ONC materials can be made of 100% food-grade materials that are FDA approved. This makes them even more versatile and extends their application to the food and beverage industry. ONC materials are the only available porous solid crystals that are edible. The advantage is that ONC porous powders can be used as delivery vehicles for flavors and/or nutrients. As a green-product, use ONC porous powders to carry essential nutrients for easy handling, longer shelf-life, and uniform mixing into human food, animal feed, and even fertilizers.


The global food market size exceeds $20 trillion per annum. For almost all sectors of food, it is clear that prices are increasing, demand is increasing, waste represents a huge problem (close to 45%), and demand for packaged foods is increasing. There is also a trend for having low sodium / low calorie flavor enhancement.


Some of the advantages of using ONC materials are that they can store and release inert gases to prevent microbes growth, capture ethylene to prevent fruit and vegetable spoilage, slow down oxidative food damage to increase product freshness and lifespan, and offer a potentially healthier option for flavor.


Within the >$7 Billion additives market worldwide, flavoring is the largest segment at 35% and nutraceuticals is the fastest growing segment projected to increase 8% annually.



Some of the reasons to use ONC edible powders in food products:



  • ONC edible powders have the ability to incorporate common flavor compounds within their porous molecular structure.



  • Since they are taste-free, ONC powders offer the opportunity to encapsulate any types of flavors from sweet to savory. Easily mix ONC powders with different flavors together.



  • ONC edible powers can be directly added into foods. Use it as a platform to carry a variety of ingredients:


1. Flavor and aroma ingredients


2. Low sodium, low calorie flavor additives


3. Vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements



  • ONC powders can also be used to capture odors in food products:


1. Capture odors and volatiles as an all-natural preservative


2. Release insert gases to avoid food spoilage in packaged goods

ONC materials are green, renewable, biodegradable, and safe to eat.

Healthy Cooking Ingredients

  • Encapsulate flavor compounds


  • Prepare a variety of healthy seasonings without addition of sodium for a custom line of salt-less powders.


  • Fine crystals that are easy to store, handle, and use


  • Increased shelf life and stability of flavorings

Customized Recipes

  • One ounce of ONC powder loaded with CO2 gas can bake one loaf of bread


  • Load ONC powders with a variety of seasonings that can easily spread and mix evenly for any recipe


  • Taste-free by nature, ONC can be customized with any seasoning

Supplements & Food Substitutes

  • Store vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other essential nutrients along with added flavorings inside the nano-cubes

  • Blend of ingredients loaded in nano-cubes will be rich in nutrients and packed with flavor

  • This nutritious food substitute is easy to store, handle, and mix. Use it as a dietary supplement, food additive, or animal feed additive.

Prevent Food Spoilage

  • Store and release inert gases


  • Include small packages of nitrogen-loaded nano-cubes in packaged foods. Avoid oxidative food damage to increase product freshness and shelf life


  • Capture ethylene to prevent fruits and vegetables spoilage or release ethylene to prompt ripening

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