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Pharmaceuticals: Nanosoplex®

Some of the major challenges for drug development are the bioavailability of the drug compound, its stability, both inside the body and inside the bottle, and the proper the release of the drug over time. ONC materials are bio-friendly and can be utilized as drug carriers with targeted delivery and release. On account of their encapsulating property and edible nature, ONC drug delivery vehicles can a deliver a variety of medicines orally. Alternatively, drugs can also be delivered topically where the ONC carriers will protect the drug from air and light while they slowly release it for absorption through the skin.



Reasons to use ONC porous materials as a drug delivery carrier:



  • The ONC drug delivery platform material is biologically-safe. It is non toxic, has no adverse side effects, and is ideal for a highly selective drug delivery carrier



  • They have high loading efficiency and capacity. ONC crystals can be soaked in solution and will absorb drug compounds with high uniformity. There will no issues with formulations and blending since the drug molecules will readily diffuse into ONC porous crystals.



  • ONC materials have a large affinity for a particular isomer of chiral molecules that can be employed for drug purification

ONC materials are green, renewable, biodegradable, and safe to consume.

Chemical Carriers

  • Potential use as biologically inert drug delivery capsules


  • Increase the bioavailability of drug compounds by loading them into water-soluble ONC carriers


  • ONC carriers are rigid and stable during drug loading. They can act as cages for nanoparticles and prevent aggregation.


  • Can selectively carry certain isomers of molecules for different chemical applications

Drug Delivery System

  • Ibuprofen is absorbed into organic nano-cubes and then released over time with addition of water 

  • Approximately a linear correlation between ONC weight and the total drug loading

  • Diluted concentrations of ibuprofen demonstrated 10% w/w loading​

  • Options to stabilize and control release profiles of drug

Controlling Particle Size

  • Organic nano-cubes join together in a very large crystalline network. However, to give added flexibility, it is desirable to have a process knob to control the size of a crytalline particle.

  • Process modification with additives during the ONC crystaillization step demonstrates the ability to control the organic nano-cubes crystal growth

  • Tuning the crystal particle size gives the ability to optimize the ONC material for loading guest compounds or for optimal packing in a chromatographic column

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