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Cosmetics: Cubometics and Volahold®

PanaceaNano has developed Cubometics  and Volahold,  ONC-based products that can host and enhance the delivery of cosmetic ingredients.

Conventional Cosmetic Formulations

Cosmetic Formulations with Cubometics®

Fragrances with Volahold®

ONC materials are green, renewable, biodegradable, and safe to use on the skin.

Creams, Lotions, Makeup

Perfumes & Fragrances

  • Carrier material that can encapsulate different liquid and solid active ingredients, and then easily mix and blend together without negative interactions between the various formulation ingredients


  • Stabilize emulsions and suspensions


  • Prevent skin irritation with a controlled release rate of active ingredients into the skin or hair

  • Different ONC material carriers can carry different fragrances and then easily mix together to produce the desired fragrance


  • Control the release of different fragrances for a long-lasting effect as well as absorb body odors at the same time


  • ONC materials store fragrances and are easy to handle and blend into proprietary formulations

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