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Home & Personal Care

ONC gas storage platform materials have the ability to absorb and release scents for home care products. Much like how conventional materials are used in many products to absorb odors in air-fresheners or release fragrances in dryer sheets, ONC can be used similarly, but with far superior performance. On account of their uniquely crystalline structures, an equal amount of ONC crystals is able to take up and release far more scent chemicals than the present technologies, both in terms of quantity and the types of scents. The home care product markets exceeds $100 Billion world wide with the air and laundry care segments alone totaling more than 70%.



Advantages of using ONC gas storage platform materials:



  • Store fragrances for steady release as well as trap unwanted chemicals and odors



  • ONC materials have very high storage capacity and steady release rates for products such as extremely long-lasting perfumes, fragrances, and fabric fresheners for home and laundry



  • Absorb and trap unwanted toxic chemicals and odors for products such as air filters, carbon monoxide detector, carbon dioxide capture, odor removers, deodorants, and cat litter



  • Use for the simultaneous trapping of unpleasant odors AND release of fragrances

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